Stem Cell for Autism

January 06, 2019
I posted about Villa Medica sometime last year where I detailed my thoughts on fresh cell therapy. I seriously have heard so many good stories with it. I was seriously considering going and letting my Dandan try it. Except that 9K Euro excluding Airfares seems too steep.

I read that fresh cell is not yet available in the Philippines due to religious concerns. Instead they have Fat Stem Cell theraphy.

Although I have read about it, I never really thought much about it until my brother recommended a doctor. The price was still high.  But much less than the Villa Medica price. But with less success stories to consider.

But see. Which one is more scary. Having an "alien" object injected to you, in this case sheep's. Or. Your own fat. It's from you. Incompatibility issues would be so much lesser. What harm can it do? The worst is that it just doesn't help. But it doesn't do more harm. With my family's support I decided to go for it. 

 I met the doctor to discuss the procedure. I let my brother talk about the cost of the procedure. For me, it was important to talk to the doctor. Trust my instincts on the capability of the doctor. Listen to what the procedure have to offer. Understand the cons of the procedure. With all that in place, I took a moment. To pray. To talk to family. To decide.

Once I confirmed my decision, the appointment for the procedure was very fast. The doctor arranged for the use of the Operating Room at Albay Doctor's Hospital.

They flew in the staff helping our doctor. I recall seeing one nurse and another doctor plus the device to be used.

Points to Note:

#1 If you are used to bigger hospitals, esp us coming from Singapore and frequenting hospitals, you will cringe at the state of the hospital in the Philippines.  Remember to set your expectation LOW. The hospital was old and the process was really not refined. They didn't even bother to tag Mamon. They didn't take any ID or proper identification. While waiting for our schedule (which was delayed because we were dependent on the forever late Cebu Pacific), I had to stop myself from being overly critical of the place. I was afraid of Mamon jumping on the beds. They look weak and might collapse anytime. I wasn't even sure if the sheets were clean considering we were waiting at the ER.  BUT. You just have to look beyond aesthetics. You are there to borrow a sterile environment. (LOL my brain was contradicting it. I felt my house was cleaner). I have to commend that the nurses esp the OR ones were very nice. They really took care of Mamon to the best of what they have and what they can do. Nothing can beat Filipino nurses really. It's sad that the hospital was in a poor state. They are lucky their manpower is good.

#2 We were supposed to begin at 7am. But CebuPacific was delayed (My God, I don't know why the government bodies are not seeing this. They are the only airlines who is always delayed because of turn around time.. it's really something they should fine Cebu Pacific so that they will improve their performance). We didn't start till 11am. It was a bummer because Mamon was fasting all along. It was difficult seeing him hungry and agitated.

#3 They used GA and Mamon did not give everyone a hard time. He was sleeping in less than 10 minutes.

#4 The whole process took less than 4 hours. Plus an hour or 2 in the recovery room. The doctor was very fast and efficient. He took time to explain again and to reassure us that everything is ok. It was very comforting.

It's always sad to see your kid on the hospital bed. I have to kept telling myself that this is for him. It's gonna be good for him.

Mamon is a thin kid. No fat from the tummy so they took it out from the legs. It was sad to see his 2 legs wrapped up.

A bit scary seeing it in bandage right. The doctor assured us it's just a small cut. And it really was just a small wound.

Mamon had a difficult time walking for 2-3 days. His legs were weak. But after that he was back to his normal cheerful state.

We are observing many good things on Mamon. We expect more. I think somehow the procedure helped him. Let's see. More prayers please.

On the question why we didn't do it in Singapore.

#1 I don't think it's available. Is it? It's still considered as clinical test. I received an email asking if we wanted to participate in a clinic test for umbilical cord therapy but unfortunately they only wanted until 5 years old and Mamon is already 5.5.

#2 When SG have it, it will definitely be very expensive. But let's see.

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