Genting Trip

March 29, 2019

We were prepared for a long drive but didn't think it would be this long. It was supposedly 5 hours, but due to traffic jam at the Woodlands Checkpoint, we took 12 hours to reach Genting.

Luckily, for this trip, I opted to rent a private van rather than a coach. 
  1. Queue would have been longer if we took coach
  2. It was so much more comfortable having our own van.
  3. Kids and seniors have unbelievable needs (toilet breaks etc)
Our first stop was a gasoline station because Mamon required a toilet break.

As it was almost past noon already, driver decided we should have lunch first at JB before moving ahead. He dropped us off at Ah Keong for lunch. [Read food review]

After lunch driver stopped by money exchange. Realized the exchange rate is not that much different.

Despite the long travel time, we really enjoyed it the trip. Tiring but the view was very nice.

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