International Women's Day

March 08, 2019
This year our company had a big event for the International Women's Day. We had the Top 20 women. Then we had lunch where we got to enjoy some cool stuff. 

Like a massage in the office. Who does that?!

We all got to enjoy manicure.. well sticker but fun just the same! And the bus was catered. :D

On the actual day, the CEO gave us chocolates.

Our boss gave us face masks.

I told Yummy (and Mamon) all my adventures and Yummy was so excited for me. He also enjoyed the chocolates a lot. He said, if it's International Women's Day then his teacher and Mamon's teachers also deserver chocolates like me right? And Mama and Ate Meh (He says it in his most adorable tone.... Right Mom?!)

We ended up preparing chocolate for the ladies. He carefully wrote the words and said a card should have a heart.  

I'm so happy. And proud. I'm raising a good man. 💖

Happy International Women's Day to all my lady readers! 

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