April 29, 2019
Okay here are fresh pictures of bites. Look away now if you are sensitive.

Note: My mom's legs 😂 . She hates insect repellants and lotion so she ventured out in the beach with no protection at all during the first day. Yes. She learned her lesson the hard way.

The first obvious bite looks like from some sort of a bug with 2 fangs. It's not of bed bug. Could it be a cockroach?

At the back of the leg was that of sandfly. It was just a tiny red dot. Not itchy or anything.

She didn't feel anything. It didn't even bother her till we arrived back. Here's the bites 6 days later. It became redder and more itchy.

It was at it's worst 8 days later (Hopefully!!!!)   I developed into really big red dots and are super itchy.

UPDATE: 13 days later

Yep! Sandflies are no joke! They may look like just dots during the first few days. But they get worse!

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