Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

April 07, 2019

This place came recommended by the nanny of Mamon's classmate. It's a few stops from Pasir Ris MRT (I think 3 --- if I counted correctly!)

They have a lot of KOI fishes. I also saw a few other types of fishes. Yummy had fun feeding the fishes. 

Tip: Avoid the shop/aquarium area. They had this chemical smell that could really irritate your throat. It felt so dangerous that we quickly stepped away and decided to play around the farthest fish area.

Other than that, it's a good place to bring the kids. They had fun with the fishes. Just have to be extra cautious. Afraid Mamon would just jump in. :D

Enjoy our short video of the trip.


Opening Hours: 830AM till 630PM
Cost: FREE

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