Larsian sa Fuente

July 06, 2019
This is our 2nd time at the Larsian. We loved the first time so we made it an effort to really come back. We decided to sit on another area hopping to try another restaurant but in the end we still got Smiley.

This round we decided to try Tuna Panga. Looked small and no meat but it was so meaty!

Inihaw na pusit was a disappointment. It wasn't even seasoned enough. I've had better experience at local SG hawker.

Pork BBQ was nice! Almost like our home made BBQ

The shrimp wasn't so fresh so it was a bit disappointing.

All these plus our fresh seaweed and drinks (mango and/or avocado shake) for just a little over S$30 was quite a steal.

The place is just a bit chaotic to my liking. All the sellers confuse you as they walk in to the food centre. I wish they would organize this part a bit to not scare of tourists.

Location:  Fuente Osmena, Cebu City
Official Website:

Cost: ★

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