Milk Scare

September 22, 2008
i got this sms today from a friend:

Pls pass it on. Hi jus rec the following items hve been recalled due 2 china's milk situation. This is real. M&M's, snickers, mento's yoghurt bottle, dove choc, oreo wafer sticks, monmilk, dutchlady sterilised milk, wall's all natural mango, mini poppers ice cream, magnum ice cream, moo sandwich ice cream, mini cornetto n youcan ice cream. We've been asked by ava 2 remove them from our stores. If u hve any of these items in yr hse don't eatthem

i don't immediately believe sms messages since there are simply too many spams and hoax sms out there. but since i LOVE m&m's so much, i just had to be sure. i googled a bit and was really disappointed to find strait times article about it. waaah. my m&m's!!!

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