Talk Shows?

September 30, 2008
I've been stuck at home for few days now (sick, etc etc) and having no HBO and nothing good to watch on all other channels, I managed to catch all the non-prime-time talk shows on MediaCorp 5.

Ellen's show is on top of my list. She is so funny. I love watching her dance. Her show is very entertaining and fun.

Oprah's show is a bit preachy and dramatic. Most of the times overrated and overrating the guests. (Can't force me to name names!)

Rachel Ray is, obviously, the underdog. But to be honest I find her show very vibrant and fun. She goes second to Ellen on my list. I love watching her make cooking look so fun and easy.

Like Oprah, she tends to be preachy. And noisy. And most of the times she talks about herself and sounds a bit narcissistic. Or maybe just a bit misunderstood? It could also mean honesty and maybe she just wants the viewers to know that she understands by relating her personal experiences?

(Click on their pictures for the link to their websites)

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