Email Whores

October 21, 2008
Admit it or not, we are all email whores. We basically eat, play and work email. We talk to family and friends, make new friends or break ties through email. At work, we can 'kill'/'shoot' through email.

And with this note, I think this post will be very useful to all of us.

are u afraid to divulge your real email? probably because of security risks or simply afraid of spams. this mint email is probably the solution to your worries. it's a temporary email. it will forward the mails to your real email thus is very fuss free.

oh emotionsss! so hard to control. sometimes we are so angry or drunk or crazy that we just hit the enter/send button without thinking straight and later regretting we ever sent the email. this new feature from gmail might just save u of that embarrassment.

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