Food Review: Mogu Mogu Kitchen

October 02, 2008

I'm so into Kawaii this days that when I saw the new little food shop at Scotts Road I knew I had to try it. The shop is super cute (plus the chairs remind me of scrapblogs --- ah! addiction!) The ladies were cute also wearing maid costumes (haha! Creepy!)

Mogu mogu, in Japan, pertains to eating fast. The place is very Japanese, from the door to everything. No cashier, there's only a vendo machine. Then cooking is very fast. "Almost self-service". (Would have been super fun if instead of the girls, a robot would clean up the dishes!) Remember to check out their Kawaii bento. Super cute!!!

I would have given it a 4 except that I felt it was a bit pricey. Paid $14.80 for the 2 meals. Which was a bit small. Ah, that also means.. cute?



Check out our pictures here.

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