Inside my Bag

October 29, 2008
Inspired by Thea's post on what's inside her bag.

I try to swap my bags at least twice a month. I have a Samsung laptop bag, a Girbaud lady bag (big enough to fit my laptop), a cute rat laptop bag (my sister's gift to me, we both tot it was a pig.. rat pala!) and a Kipling knapsack (is that how u call it?). It maybe psychological, but I feel that my stuff is lighter everytime I swap bags. Duh? Weird pig.

Inside my bag are the following:

1. Mini LeSportac bag, which I use to hold my small comb, Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain, Guinot Concealer, Chanel lipgloss and ZA powder. I'm a GIRL!!!

2. Black sui sui card holder. Contains my zillions of discount/membership/credit/id/access/ whatever cards.

3. Pink sui sui waller. To hold my money (not a lot though! hehe)

4. 'Natural' tiny pencil case. I got it for $2 at Daiso (best best buy!). I super love it, it contains Parker Pen, Yellow Marker, Pink Sign Pen, Hello Kitty mini ruler, Hello Kitty black sign pen and a Pink Nintendo stylus.

5. A small but thick notebook where I list my daily tasks (or to do lists). What's cool about it is the cover. It's a mini plastic/folder that allows you to change your cover. Mine are printed copies of my scrapblog. Looove it. Oh, let me just add that I prefer writing than using an electronic organizer/planner.

6. Keys. House keys + Mailbox keys using Egg keychain.

7. Seagate Elite Portable disk (320gb). Why I need it? Uhhh.. I have no idea... I know it's pretty. Ohh, the pouch I'm using to protect it is the pouch from Swarovski (originally for a necklace.)

8. Small thick resealable plastic (original plastic for a cellphone bag) containing my iPhone earphones, office drawer keys, bank token, 2GB usb thumbdrive, iphone usb charger, office vpn token, another office vpn token and my Singtel Huawei mobile token.

9. Small black pouch, with Kim Samsoon's Piggy as keychain, containing my iPhone. Plus a small screen cleaner.

10. A small nokia phone (Smart Pinoy!!!).

11. My HP tablet laptop.

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