Movie: Mama Mia

October 08, 2008

The movie is really very simple. A bit weird that they would just stop talking and start singing. Abba songs are nice so it's ok. It just reminded me so much of Bollywood movies, where people sing and dance at the middle of conversations. Creepy.

Anyway, this movie is fun to watch. The girl gets very pretty and they all seem so happy that you'd feel happy also. The location is also very pleasing to the eyes. Maybe the culture is different, for them it's ok, it's very ordinary. So don't be moralistic when you watch this movie and just ENJOY. And don't think about what's gonna happen if they decide to take DNA test and unfortunately, she's the daughter of someone else and not the one her mom picked as husband. Emm..what am I blabbering about? hehe.


Click picture above to watch or click here.

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