Review: Wensha Spa

October 15, 2008

Tried Wensha Spa with Baby Claire while I was back in Manila. I'd give it 4 (out of 5).

The price is very affordable. I paid around 50sgd (~ 1500 pesos) for full body massage, manicure, pedicure, foot spa and facial. That amount includes sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath and buffet shabu shabu (which, unfortunately, we didn't get to try due to lack of time). I liked the massage area. The massage bed is softer and wider than the usual. You can sleep after the massage (up to 8 hours!) I like the foot spa place also. You get to stay in a lazy boy which you can recline up to 180 degrees then you get your own lcd cable screen with your own headset. How cool is that. The buffet area is very well designed too. Super nice, promise! I like the steam bath.. felt like siopao (pao).. hehe! And Ohhh, I loved the shower!!!

What I didn't like is the facial area. It made me feel like I was in the emergency room. Haha. I also didn't like the oil, beauty products they use. It didn't have the 'spa' smell. In fact, smelled nothing. Maybe next time I can bring my own massage oil? Or scrub? The sauna made me feel like pandesal so we didn't stay for very long. I also didn't like that they give you a slip to sign and put the tip amount. Felt like being forcibly asked to give tip. It would also really help if the attendants don't chit chat while doing their job. It really spoils the spa ambience. No eating near the customers please!

Verdict? I'm gonna try some other spa when I go back to Manila. But if I need a place to stay for the night before flying back I'd highly recommend this place. Saves u a lot on hotel bill plus u get all the luxury of a spa.

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