Boys Before Flowers - Korean Version

January 10, 2009
I super loved Meteor Garden. I watched it even before they had subtitles for it. That time, wishing I should have taken Chinese lessons more seriously so that I'd understand them.

Dao Ming Si, I still super love you.

Now here comes the Korean version. I tot the girl was too old for the role. The first episode, I felt she was over-acting. Exaggerating every single emotion. But she grows on you. She becomes more lovable every single scene. By the second scene, I already like her. I'd have to wait some more till I love her. Haha.

The think the guys on Meteor Garden are better looking. Or perhaps, I should watch some more of this Korean Version before I make this judgement. Hehe. It's too early in the race.

Anyway, Enjoy the Korean Version here.


Anonymous said...

Wow!their both cute,haha,and they are really look a like,they look like a twins,hehe

Anonymous said...

ewww, jerry has a HORSE MOUTH sorry hehe

Anonymous said...

karayu kurarug c jerry yan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

labig gaun tlaga ni kim gil ga c aling dionisia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!faboulus

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