Jerry Yan in HK

January 28, 2009
Credits: Picture from Jerry Yan's 2009 Japan Calendar

Taiwanese pop idol Jerry Yan arrived in Hong Kong for a countdown party on Lunar New Year Eve. This is the first year that he is spending the festival without his mother. Hundreds of passionate fans gather at the airport to welcome their idol. Yan, who was clad in a Bally leather jacket worth about $100,000, was terrified that his fans' might tear his jacket in the chaos.

Yan smiled and said he was happy to be spending the New Year abroad. His manager Fenny expressed otherwise. "There are way too many people! He must have been touched from head to toes!" she said.

He made appearance at Hong Kong's Tuen Mun Town Plaza last night on the countdown party. As the event was scheduled to be at 10pm, Yan, who is from a single-parent family, is unable to be by his mother's side during countdown. In showing his filial piety, he insisted on having a reunion lunch with her before leaving for Hong Kong, and even gave her a six-figure ang bao for the New Year.

Yan rushed home to mommy as soon as possible on New Year's Day and will be spending the rest of the holidays at home with his mother.

According to reports, it took about S$40,000 to invite Yan onto the countdown party on New Year's Eve. The fans would also have to pay a ticket price of about S$187 just to get into the party to watch their idols on stage. Last year, the plaza invited Korean idol Lee Jun Ki to welcome the New Year with the public.

Though F4 has not been attending to the Hong Kong market in recent years, Yan has visited the country by himself twice in just two months. Last December, when he was in Hong Kong for an annual fans gathering, fans crowded the airport to welcome him and created a majestic scene.

Source: Yahoo

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