Painter of the Wind

January 05, 2009
I'm currently on the 5th episode and so far still not bored. It's quite nice, just don't think too much about the homo scenes. I mean the boys falling the the "boy". Or the other girl falling for the "boy". I think Korea have a very rich history thus the success of drama's with this setting.
UPDATE: Finally finished the series. It wasn't anything amazing. It became dragging at some points but definitely one of the better dramas that I've watched. The ending, should I say it here? OK, be warned, as this maybe a spoiler for those who haven't seen the entire series.
I'm a sucker for happy endings. The fact that they did not end up together is sad and disappointing. But if they did end up together that would have felt funny since for the entire series they have established very good teacher-student relationship and friendship (between 2 Boys!). So .. I mean you get it already right?

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