Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

February 03, 2009

Part 1 (click picture above) --- JunPyo is SUPER cute in this episode (part1). LOVE him already (really sorry Dao Ming Si!)

Part 2. Click picture above to view video. This part JunPyo's. Actually I like his hair. I think he looks better with curly hair. :)

Part 3. Click picture above to view. The other guy is damn irritating.

Part 4. Rui, in this Korean series, is much more talkative and caring than Lei in the Taiwanese version. Did anyone else notice that?

Part 5. Click picture above to view. Yi Jung and Ga Eul are like Jasper and Alice. Some people would like their pair than Jan Di and Jun Pyo. :p

Part 6. Click picture above to view. At last Yi Jung and Ga Eul's moment to shine! There's Alice and Jasper. Then there's the apple. I am so addicted to this series and Twilight that I begin to connect them. Crazy! Haha. Anyway, Jandi apology scene with JunPyo was so CUTE! Kawaii!!!

Part 7. Click picture above to view. It's good to have this episode shared by two couples.

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