Jandi and Jihoo Moments in Macau

February 20, 2009

Credits: PEX/Soompi

While Jun Pyo is busy saving the world, Ji Hoo is busy saving Jan Di. Or should I say, Ji Hoo was busy winning the heart of Jan Di and the fans? (Me included --- haha, even if I know the whole story line.. still can't help but fall for Ji Hoo.. and I'm dreading the day that Jan Di will be returning to Jun Pyo... I'm gonna be broken just like Ji Hoo..)

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the being broken just like Ji-Hoo. This is the first version of HYD that has me dreading seeing the Rui/Ji-Hoo end up alone and without Makino/Jan Di. I've never liked Rui ending up alone but it never hurt like this. I don't understand how a person doesn't give their first love a 2nd chance when he's so loving like Ji-Hoo? But that's how this version goes and Jan Di's heart chose jerk-off Jun Pyo.

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