My Sassy Girl

February 04, 2009
Jordan: "Are we gonna argue about that?"
Charlie: "Yes!"
Jordan: "Or are you gonna have a great dinner tonight, wake up tomorrow and have an amazing interview and call me the second it's done?"
10 rules in a relationship with Jordan
1. don't let her drink, when she does use the fireman's carry
2. be prepared to go jail
3. don't expect a lot of help from her dad
4. whatever you think is gonna happen next, you're wrong
5. if her feet hurt, exchange shoes with her
6. learn to say the following phrase, over and over to yourself: "It's all part of the charm"
7. on your 33rd day together, bring her a single rose. give it to her in her recital class.
8. if she says she's gonna kill you, don't assume its a metaphor
9. she likes to write. encourage her.
10. and finally, your time with her will be the happiest you've had in your life. enjoy every second.
I hope I've healed during our year apart
And that I'm sitting beside you while you read this
But if I'm not...
It's not because I don't love you
Because I do
And it's not because I don't miss you.
Because I miss you already.
It'll just mean that I'm not better.
And that story isn't over yet.
Makes sense? Why waste a beautiful evening arguing right?
The movie is just as charming as the Korean version. Somehow the guy is goodlooking and not as funny as the Korean version. So the "romantic comedy" became just plain "romantic". But I'm not complaining. :)

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