Tulips for Bridal Bouquet

February 20, 2009
My sister's wedding will be held in 2 weeks time and she suddenly decided she wanted tulips for her bouquet. Unfortunately, the package that she got only included roses and being in the province gives her very little choices. Thus she asked for noona's help to bring her the bridal bouquet from the city. Unfortunately for me I'm overseas. I'm arriving the night before and flying to the province the morning of the wedding. Therefore, I'm in a very tight schedule also. Not many have replied to my email, those who did were over pricing (probably knowing the urgency of our situation.)

Good thing a friend knows someone who charges at an affordable rate. So now, I only need to make my sister choose between these 2 designs:

Then the bridal bouquet issue is solved. So what do you think?

1 comment:

Karli said...

Do you know how to wire tulips if I don't want an extremely thick handle but I want four dozen tulips in the bouquet?

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