The end of near

It's ending tomorrow and I'm having mixed emotions. I'm excited for the ending but at the same time sad. I know Monday's and Tuesday's will never be the same again. BOF have been my air for this last few months without it I would have died of stress in life.

Here are the spoiler pictures for tomorrow's episode.

Here's something interesting.. could this pix be real.. I thought it wasn't because of the hair.. but from the spoiler pictures above.. seems like Jandi's hair have grown.. so could this picture be real after all? Dreams are free so dream on. :)

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Trisha said...

wish that that pic is real. they need to have a good love scene b/c the kissing scenes that they did have were kind of lame since their lips only touched.
they didn't do anything else but I still love'm so used to the intense love scenes in spanish telenovelas.*sigh*)

i, too, don't know how to feel that BOF ends in less than 24 hrs.:/

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