March 15, 2009
having no where to go and nothing to do, i debated whether to watch watchmen or hotels for dogs. i love emma roberts but i figured i can watch it in dvd, i thought super hero movies are best seen in the cinema so it will be worth my money.
but heck! this is the most stupid movie i've ever seen. i slept most part of it. enjoying the aircon and silence of the dating couples around me (seen i watched the 2am showing of the film --- freaky me!) i wished it would go on forever so i will have a place to stay for the night unfortunately it was only around 2 hours few minutes.
anyway. go see the movie if u have nothing to do like me. u can sleep in the cinema. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! for me its the weirdest superhero movie I've ever watched. We've seen the movie while in Manila :P

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