Asshole, stupid and moron!

April 01, 2009
Tsip Tsao - def. Asshole, stupid and moron!

And if I were the maid working for him I would have stormed out the minute he gave the lecture regarding his being a Patriotic Chinese Man! Asshole and Moron!

I would not even dignify and post his article here. I think the Philippine government was right in banning him from the Philippines (not that he wants to). But it shouldn't stop and doesn't stop there. Demand the Chinese government to force this moron to issue a public apology and to admit he is a moron and asshole. Demand that he be not allowed to publish anything else for the rest of his life and his entire lifetime and the next! GRRRR!

I am so angry that if I see him walking around I will make him chew his article!


Badong said...

He says that what he wrote is a satire. but he must understand that there is a fine line between being satirical and being bigoted. poor chip tsao, he's such a good journalist. or maybe not.

Piggy said...

i'm sorry. i'm may not be a good writer or a critic but i certainly don't think its a satire.

do we make fun of those chinese girls who can't even speak a single english at the hawkers in singapore? or those laborers? no right?

did we make fun of the low quality products from china? not to mention all those disease? no right?

there is a clear line between a joke, a satire and racism.

sorry. still very angry.

Samantha Michelle♥ said...

Wow, I just read the article
I think that was way over the top
and out of line of him to say :/
even though I'm not Filipino..
The article was very racist and
ignorant. I would never have
typed such a thing, he totally crossed the line..

He needs to do a public apology.


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