Neighbor Issues

March 12, 2010
Be warned that this post is about whining and purely rants.. so move on to the next post if you don't feel like reading such. I'd appreciate your advise if you could spare some though. :)

We've been living here in Singapore for few years now. Moved to 2 places already but never made any enemy or problem with former neighbors. We lived peacefully and in fact loved our last rental agent who was local Singaporean. We also adored our house agent (also a local) who was really really friendly not just because we were buying from her but because she was sincerely a nice person. I have a good number of local friends in the office. All very very accommodating and friendly.

Of course, I've met few crazy ones. My former project manager was a racist. He sent me a IM (Lotus Notes Messenger) saying what can he expect from foreign workers. And that was his actual words. A few grouchy taxi drivers.. or maybe because they we're already very tired driving around whole day.. so I don't really mind them. A few angry salesmen (especially in Sim Lim). Some asking rudely, "how much you want?" Or "how much you have there?!" Worse just simply asking you to leave saying, "Go go!" like you're some infected thing.

But hey, everywhere you go you'd met some bad people. Even a basket of fruit, would have at least one bad fruit. So this is reality. This is life.

But today, we had a major fight with our neighbor. This neighbor hated us from the day we moved in. He says bad things. He pushes my husband. Thrashes his cigarette butt. Litters all around like he owns the entire corridor. He stares angrily whenever he sets eye on us.

We thought of just ignoring him. One he's old. Two he's not worth it. But no matter how much patience you have. I guess there's just one day you'd erupt and fight back. Sure this is his country. But he has no right to treat us this way. And today 2 of his friends came to meddle with the talk. With one bare shirt guy, no slippers telling us to just go back to the Philippines to end the talk. He says we come to make noise. Like hell... what noise? What fight? It was just purely racism. And he didn't even bother listening at our side. He just kept repeating, so I'm telling you just go back. Then retreating saying, don't bother they don't understand English. Heck! Look who's talking?

Dear sir. You do not own Singapore. And decent Singaporeans, will definitely not tolerate your racist remarks on us.

So the police came, nothing settled. We're told to talk to the MP or something. Which he warned us will take few meetings, counseling. Like we have that much time. Ofcourse the old neighbor would have all the time in the world. He's probably too bored that we're helping him have something interesting going on.

So now how? We're in deep deep sh1t. If only we had not invested so much on our present place that we can just leave and transfer. But our life savings here. And we're stuck with crazy neighbors. God help us.

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