Mayweather: Pacman all offense, no defense

March 17, 2010
Do you agree or disagree?

HOLLYWOOD—Boxing pundits were nearly unanimous in praising Manny Pacquiao’s total domination of Ghanaian challenger Joshua Clottey in Texas Saturday night.

But Floyd Mayweather Jr. was unimpressed, claiming that Clottey “exposed” Pacquiao as a one-dimensional fighter despite failing to wrest the Filipino superstar’s World Boxing Organization welterweight crown.

“Personally, I think Pacquiao got exposed in that fight for being one-dimensional,” Mayweather told Tom Jenkins of “You can have all [the] offense ability in the world, but with no defense, you’re not going to last long against a good counter puncher such as myself.”

Mayweather said Clottey, despite keeping a defensive shell all fight long, hurt Pacquiao in the few times he went on the offensive.

“Each time (Clottey) threw something, it landed,” the still unbeaten American said. “Then at the end, Pacquiao’s was all busted up.

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