May 04, 2010

Photo Credits: Dianne

“ Lipote (Syzygium curranii) – Also called bahag, baligang or igot. This fruit species is INDIGENOUS to the Philippines. The tree is medium-sized, 9 meters or more high. The fruits are borne in compact clusters, small up to 20mm in diameter, round, dark red to black, rather dry but of pleasant acid flacor. The fruit is used in the making of preserces, wine, pickle, beverages and jelly. It is a good source of protein.”

Baligang has always been one of my most favorite fruits in the world. Some say its the same as duhat but I disagree. Duhat is almost see-through in texture whereas Baligang is solid white. Baligang is also more sour. Both are best eaten after shaking in salt and sugar mixture.

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Anonymous said...

This fruit baligang abounds in our place in Bicol, its a seasonal fruits, I like the taste, its juicy, sweet & sour and its taste more sweeter when the fruits bears a dark violet color. Its also a tree which the height can reach more than 20 meters. I can hardly found any baligang for sale in fruit's store.. Is there any store in Manila selling this baligang? I miss this fruit.

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