Humble beginnings for Korean hottie Zuno

May 03, 2010
Meet Zuno, a fresh Korean face intent on carving out a music career in showbiz, more famously known as the older twin to his popular younger brother (Xiah from TVXQ) than for his music. Twins they may be, but each strives to be his own man.

For one, Zuno's (also known as Kim Junho) a strappingly-tall lad with his 1.88m frame and has a chiseled face with strikingly different features from his younger fraternal twin brother, Xiah (also known as Kim Junsu). Looks aside, Zuno also took on the road less traveled and made a splashy showbiz entrance in Beijing, China, earlier this year in March, instead of debuting in his homeland Korea.

Bearing the makings of an idol, the 23-year-old recently performed to a full house concert of 2,000 fans in Beijing. He held another sold out showcase in Tokyo two weeks ago, and performed to a mixture of local and regional fans at Resorts World Singapore last night.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday through a translator, Zuno explained his unconventional decision of making his debut in the Chinese industry, "I was in China first for my studies, and this great opportunity came along from this company I'm with now."

Things snowballed from then on and he confessed that it wasn't all peaches and roses for him in China. With the language barrier being his Achilles heels, the hardworking one admitted that his Mandarin is still far from perfect and plans to continue studying the language as much as he possibly can.

Despite his successful showing in both China and Tokyo, Zuno's showbiz debut has been marred by skeptical detractors who believe that his younger brother's fame contributed to most of his success and popularity. While there might be some truth in that, the earnest newbie was quick to set himself in a different league from his brother.

When asked if the competition is heating up between the pair of siblings, Zuno scores brownie points for his modest belief in still having "a long way to go" before he can be considered a rival of his brother.

"Because Junsu started way earlier, I don't think Junsu is my rival. But I will try hard and soon one day, I would want to be his rival," he added.

Seems like all's fair in love and war, folks. Instead of pitting themselves against each other, Zuno takes heart in the motivation and brotherly "support and advice" he gets from having a famous and successful younger twin.

And the best piece of advice Junsu has gave him to conquer his jittery nerves on stage?

"Junsu's best advice was that if I get nervous on stage, just be happy that the audience are here to see me and enjoy. And if I enjoy the stage, the nervousness would be gone," he abashedly confessed.

Zuno's first single album, Beginning, is available at all HMV outlets.

Source: Yahoo

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