Most memorable Pinoy Horror Film

I'm super duwag but yet I love horror films. With Night of the Living dead as my all time favorite zombie movie. :D

Well, although Philippine movies are not as good quality as hollywood horror films, I do have my own most memorable Filipino horror films list.

Shake Rattle and Roll 1's Pridyider. I swear I was so scared of refrigerators! I didn't open the ref in the evenings for months. I still get scared of opening it late in the evenings. Haha! (Wiki link)


Shake Rattle & Roll V's Impakto. I didn't get scared but it was so funny. The vampire was chasing the bickering siblings, when the girl decided to use cross thinking that vampires are afraid of cross. It was hilarious when the vampire said, "I'm Catholic too!" Bwahaha! (Wiki link)

Shake Rattle & Roll 2's Aswang. Manilyn went on a vacation with her schoolmate (Ana) on a far away province. Manilyn later found out that she was gonna be the meal on Ana's town feast. Haha, my mom used this movie against me going out with friends for a long long time! And it was effective. I'm still scared of sleep overs! (Wiki link)

Feng Shui
I watched the film because people was talking about it. Haha... naniwala sa tsismis. I closed my eyes almost all of the movie (#1 because it was scary, #2 because I don't like Kris hehehe!). (Wiki link)

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