Phone Bill

May 31, 2010
A month and a half ago, I called Singtel to ask when I can have my postpaid line disconnected. I wanted the exact date as I was planning to shift back to Starhub and change my number (too many people bothering me... spams!) I was told by the agent that I can do so on May 28. Since my hubby was really looking into Motorola Milestone and the month and a half didn't seem too much, we decided to get a new postpaid line.

I was sick for a few days so I didn't get to call Singtel last May 28. Just got time today and was very unhappy to learn that in fact my plan is ending August 28, a good 3 months from now. And if I want it disconnected immediately, I will have to fork out over $800. Geezz. So now I'm stuck with 2 post paid lines -- $58 plus GST a month. Arrrkkkk!

Moral of the story: Double check. Triple check. Be very very sure before purchasing a new plan. This moral of the story is gonna cost me 5 months ~ $310. I'm so sad. :(

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