Rediscovering Excel

May 09, 2010

I've been using Excel for .. gosh I dunno how long.. but I wasn't really using it more than typing few items then formatting then a little sum here and there. These past few weeks, my work have been requiring me to explore Excel more. Excuse me for sounding naive (or even stupid).

These days, I consider myself as an Excel newbie user. Finding and exploring a lot of features that I should have known and used years ago.

Here are some of the latest tools I've used:

Pivot Table
Technically a data summarization tool.
Details here.

Searching became so much easier using this tool.
Details here

I've just completed my first macro, one that converts table into calendar format. I know, it may sound simple. But everything must start simple right? :D I had fun making my first macro. More to come? Probably!

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