Ritz Carlton Greenhouse

May 22, 2010
We had "Eat dinner with your team night" last Friday at the Greenhouse in Ritz Carlton Singapore. The damage was $76++ per pax. It was a treat from my very very very kind boss (hmm.. I'm not sounding so sipsip right? Hehe. But she is really very nice.)

Pictures are from Superfinefeline site because I forgot to bring my camera... and I think even if I did bring a camera I won't be able to take snaps as I was so busy eating. :D

I tried the cheese but I didn't really like it. My friend said maybe coz I'm not classy enough to love the food that sosyal people like. Haha. Possible. Possible.

I had 2 rounds of the lobster! The meat was a bit hard but a lobster is a lobster and a lobster is good! :D

Ohhh. I love Japanese food! And I was glad to see them here. :D

Newly baked muffins! Delish!!!

I didn't get to try the other dishes. I dunno what you call them... hmm.. main dishes? Covered dishes? Hehe.. whatever.. there were lots of choices. Fishes, veggies, pork, beef, chili crab, chili prawns. Geez.. now I'm realizing how many dishes I failed to try!

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