Sick Piggy

May 31, 2010
After 6 days of being away from the office (3 MC and 3 for the long weekend), I braved myself to stand up and journey to the office. With coughing back with a terrible dysmenorrhea, I prayed for miracle. First 2 hours at work, no miracle. I could barely stand and talk to people. Plus I think I scared most of my office mates with my non-stop coughing prompting my boss to ask if I want to take another day of rest. Well, I'm stubborn. I kept praying. I drank panadol and pain relievers like there's no tomorrow... and hey... I managed to finish the 9 hours. Wish me more luck tomorrow. :)

My latest mantra? It's all in the mind. It's all in the mind. Say it with me. :)

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