World date with Kim Bum

May 31, 2010
I think it's unfair they sent Bianca. They should have held a contest just like other countries. I felt she was hosting it.. was a little annoyed... ok.. and a lil jealous. But still I'd rather it was an ordinary fan. (Sorry Bianca no offense meant.)

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Anonymous said...

hi there! i've read from twitter that there was actually a Filipino winner for that Kim Bum date. She and her friends were so upset with ABS-CBN & Bianca coz the latter was chosen to have that trip to Korea. I think when Bianca came back, she tweeted that the bosses of KBS and ABS made this decision, leaving her with no choice but to accept the offer. However, if I were Bianca, I could have at least considered the fact that a certain BOF big fan was already declared a winner. they've deprived that girl what's suppose to be her dream-come-true kumbaga. hmp, azar di ba?! though we don't know the real reason behind that sudden change of plans, what they did was just so unfair parin. I have nothing against Bianca as well. I know she's more of a Lee Min Ho fan so i'm not that sure if she's being fake or being real in that Korean show.

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