July 02, 2010

I thought I was a Twilight fan but after watching yesterday I just realized I'm not as fanatic as I thought I was. Girls were shrieking before the characters could finish their lines that I end up not hearing what they're actually saying. I heard Switzerland but didn't catch the entire line as people burst laughing. Oh well.

There was way too much facial shots that I thought they were there to brag of their blemish free faces/skins. And oh. Jacob looks much yummier and handsome with all those close ups. I wanted more action. More scare factors for the mere presence of the Volturi. I wanted Alice to look as pretty as the first movie.

But. Hey. Edward is Edward. Twilight is Twilight . Love it. Hate it. You decide.

Uhmm... hey Edward! Thanks for the chocolates!

1 comment:

Mom said...

masarap pala yung giveaway ni edward! :) ako halos lahat kumain hi hi

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