Park Yong-ha committed suicide due to stress and impulse

July 05, 2010
News of South Korean actor Park Yong-ha's demise shocked many in the Korean showbiz. Many of his friends turned up at his funeral to mourn his passing.

The 33-year-old Winter Sonata star hanged himself in his room and was found dead by his mother yesterday morning.

Police authorities announced the preliminary results of their investigations yesterday during a press conference, saying that accumulated stress and a drunken impulse had driven the star to suicide.

On that fateful night, after going home at midnight heavily intoxicated, Park appeared agitated and kept crying and apologizing to his father.

The star retreated to his room and was said to have called a close friend at 4am, saying that he felt "really tired" and wanted to die.

According to reports, Park was under a lot of stress from juggling his own showbiz career and his own company.

It did not help that the actor was frequently out at work or overseas - a close friend of Park's revealed that the filial son often felt guilty for not being able to take care of his cancer-stricken father.

Park's family was very badly affected by the star's sudden passing. Besides his father, Park's mother and sister were both admitted into a hospital earlier today.

Source: Xin

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