Quality Hotel Cambridge

August 16, 2010
Quality Hotel Cambridge is located very near the Central station (less than 15 minutes walk with our short Asian legs). Walking distance to most of the attractions: Hay Market and QVB (what do you call that street?). We managed to walk from Darling Harbour and from Central Quay to the hotel, but I wouldn't recommend that you do that. Take a cab (less than $12) and save yourself 45 minutes. :)

Although the hotel is very near Central station, it was quite a challenge because the place was hilly. Going back was very tough. But the place is quite safe with the Central Police station just in front of the hotel. There are 2 nearby Convenience stores and a 24 hour food service for the hotel so it's really good.

I was glad that the room was much bigger than the usual hotel rooms. We got ourselves queen/twin bed, then there was a study table and a small living area plus a luggage area. Awesome right?

Very clean. Free coffee and tea. Don't try the water, it's horrible. But hey the shower was great. The heater was very good.

Price was very affordable. Got it for $148 SGD per night.

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