Tayong Dalawa

August 31, 2010
Girlay is right, it is indeed an honor for us Filipinos to know that Tayong Dalawa will be shown on MediaCorp. When she first blogged about it, I thought hmm.. wrong series to show. But after watching the ad on MediaCorp, can't help but feel proud.

Looking back, I realized, Tayong Dalawa wasn't so bad. It's only fault was that it was a Filipino series. And like all other Filipino series, it was stretched so much that it tiring to watch. Besides I felt there was too much politics in the series that it became Coco's series instead of being Kim and Gerald's.

ABS-CBN actually makes good series. But they should finish the story before filming. Then make it quick and short. Just like Korean series. The actors must follow the story not the other way around.

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