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I just sent my first Balikbayan box today. Hmm.. so today I become (after almost 5 years) officially an OFW?

I chose LBC because of the brand and because of the recommendation of a friend.

Well, it's nice that they deliver the empty box without requiring any down payment.

I hate it because it wasted my ENTIRE saturday! Well, ok the uncle was apologetic when he finally arrived at 8PM but still it does not change the fact that he wasted my entire SATURDAY! I think the problem is that they don't give a particular window for the pick up. They should at least say morning, afternoon or evening so that one day of your life isn't wasted for them. Such an inefficiency is simply NOT acceptable!

Now praying that they'd deliver my box in good condition to the Philippines.

Will I send using LBC ever again? Well... NO. Dang, the telephone support was terrible (not at all helpful!). The pick up service was a disaster.

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