Tale of Fox' Child (구미호: 여우누이뎐)

September 10, 2010

Just finished all 16 episodes of Tale of Fox' Child. I like Korean historical drama and I love My GF is Gumiho, so I was intrigued by this old series (Ermm.. by old I mean already completed the entire run in Korean TV).

This is the story of a Gumiho, Goo San Daek, and her daughter, Yeon Yi. They will become human on her 10th anniversary with her husband (without betrayal). But on the eve of their anniversary, her husband betrayer her by breaking his promise (of not telling anyone about his encounter with a gumiho).

That night marked the beginning of their adventures, trials and sufferings. Later in the story, Yeon Yi was killed because a shaman said eating her liver will cure Yoon Cho Ok's illness. Thus, began GSD's revenge.

Han Eun Jung as Goo San Daek (Gumiho)
Jang Hyun Sung as Yoon Doo Soo
Kim Yoo Jung as Yeon Yi
Seo Shin Ae as Yoon Cho Ok
Kim Jung Nan as Lady Yang
Kim Gyu Chul as Steward Oh
Suh Joon Young as Chun Woo
Im Seo Yeon as Kye Hyang
Kim Woo Suk (김우석) as Yoon Choong Il
Woo Min Gyu (우민규) as Yoon Choong Yi
Chun Ho Jin as psychic
Park Soo Hyun as exorcist
Yoon Hee Suk as Jo Hyun Kam
Lee Min Ho as Jo Jung Kyu
Jung Eun Pyo as San Daek’s husband
Baek Bong Ki

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Watch all Episodes HERE.

Part 1 |Part 2|Part 3


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