Chili's Singapore

October 23, 2010
I LOVE Chili's in Manila so I was really excited to know that they've come to conquer Singapore. So for my birthday dinner this year, we decided to check out the branch at Sentosa Resorts World. And Yummm! It's just as good as I remembered.

The very pretty table setting

The huge caesar's salad

Lime oh Lime!

Strawberry Lime!

Humongous Pork Ribs!

The server was Filipino (notice how they are invading that field here in Singapore?)... he was actually very nice. When we tried to include dessert in our order he said that he'll serve the main course first then we can decide later if we still want dessert since the servings are huge.

And yep. He's right. Super BUSOG! We didn't have tummy space to put the dessert.

Filipino word for the day:
Busog meaning Full.

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