Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

October 29, 2010

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a raft water ride located in The Lost World zone at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa Island, Singapore[1]. The entire attraction was built from scratch. It uses a river rafting system.Riders start at a station similar to that seen in Jurassic Park River Adventure, where they board 9-person circular rafts. Announcements of possible flash flooding are heard in the background. The raft first passes a Stegosaurus with its young. Next it passes a lagoon, where a bathing Parasaurolophus pops out of the water, shooting water at raft. The raft enters some rapids and passes a flooded raft station with a submerged lookout tower and upended raft. The raft is diverted through broken electrified fencing into a restricted area. The raft passes through more rapids sections as several Velociraptors hiss at the vehicle. The raft enters the Hydroelectric station as a roar is heard from the bushes. Farther into the station, lights dim as a Tyrannosaurus watches the rafts through a small window. As the track becomes totally dark, a beacon in the center of the raft begins to blink. The raft is shunted into one of two small pools, and stops. A Tyrannosaurus pokes its head through the ceiling and snaps at riders as the raft ascends one of two vertical elevators. The vehicle is unloaded from the elevator and descends one of two ramps out of the building at a height of 40 feet. Two Dilophosauruses shoots water at the craft as it returns to the unloading station.

Simply said...

Leave ALL your belongings to the lockers. Don't try to save money. Just go ahead and buy the rain coat (or whatever you call that plastic thing).

I got soaked from head to toe last Monday. My entire small bag was totally soaked. My 1 week old iPhone 4's speaker stopped working. I couldn't hear the other party anymore. Worst part? Because it got soaked I lost the warranty. Geez! My camera who was happily resting at its case in the middle of my bag got totally soaked that it's no longer usuable!

It was a TOTAL disaster.

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