TFC funny moments - Oct 12

October 12, 2010

On the previous scene, Victoria was being chased out of Victoria's room. Then she met up with Gelay's business partner (di naman kayo nagpapabuko no? As in dun pa talaga sa malapit ni Victoria kayo nag-usap tungkol sa evil schemes nyo? hehe!). Louie passed by to talk to Victoria, so Vera tried to disrupt him by giving him info about Gelai. Well, he went to Victoria's room. And? Lo and behold! The room is cleaned up. No Victoria. Where did she go? Hehehe. Terrible editing and story continuity!


Arrrg.. watching this series is such a burden for a Twilight and Underworld and True Blood fan like myself. Copy cat. Terrible. Someone please sue this production! I was very much disrupted by Angel huge boobs on her green dress. Geez!

My hubby had so much fun watching the vampires. Where the fangs where misplaced. Actually, I think they copied True Blood where vampires' fangs are on their laterals and not their cuspids.

Oh well. :)

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