My Shawie

Let me be a little Pinoy showbiz today. I'm such a fan of Sharon Cuneta. I remember fighting with my brothers and cousins when they make fun of her when we were younger. I like her because she seemed like a good person. A good daughter, a good mother and a good friend.

Lately, though, series of crazy write ups about her began to surface. A few months ago, she was annoyed with Sarah G for the remakes. She even made a comment of something like Sarah doesn't look like her blah blah. But the news didn't become such a big issue. But it disappointed me.

Then lately, she had a series of nega remarks. The weight issue, the Aga issue, the small but slowly surfacing KC issues and now joining the fight of Sarah G & PilyangSweet. Gosh gosh gosh. I'm hurt reading all the negative comments about her on PEP. But.. what can we do..

Shawie.. Shawie.. is this menopause?

Please be my Shawie again. Elegant, intelligent, talented, beautiful and respected.

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