Peep Hole Camera - 2

January 09, 2011
Well finally today we have installed the peep hole camera. Okay, total expense:

Peep Hole camera - $170
Some sorta Adapter (Easycap) - $70
Drilling - $60

Plus we gotta splurge over $300 for the DVR.. but we haven't bought one yet because although we have the permission from the Town Council for installation of camera "within" the unit and the suggestion to put peep hole camera we are not sure if the neighbor can stand it.

Today after less than 2 hours of filming, we found the lady neighbor staring at our door. Geez. Nobody would notice it was a camera unless that someone is staring and she was FREAKY! She was STARING. Hopefully I don't dream of her tonight. She scared the sh1t out of me with that stare. (Note we were just looking at the sample playback).

Okay tomorrow.. let's see if they call HDB, town council and police again.

Hopefully we will be able to catch whoever vandalized us last time to end this nightmare.

For the record, I hate being scared and I hate being paranoid. I hate being terrorized and I hate having no justice and peace.

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