January 04, 2011
I loved the way my classmate wrote this blog that I thought it would be nice to share it here.

It’s been a week since that fateful weekend in Baltimore, MD — The most unexpected place and never- thought-of-venue for old friendships to be rekindled.

It didn’t matter where we have been, or how many hours we have worked back to back prior to Friday. It didn’t matter whether we had little or no sleep at all or whether we had eaten a full meal before the long flight to the East. Cared less for forgotten toiletries to manage just one pair of jeans over the weekend. Not to mention of course, the torturing tears in-flight while coughing off the early signs of illness. It didn’t matter. We were all heading to one place — To the house that would turn out to be the home of unearthed past, basement secrets, early morning whispers and, might have beens — two days later. Oh yes, the might have beens.

It was more than just a reunion for Seph. It was a reunion of friendship. We don’t count years but decades of friendships. Decades of memories. I was sent back to the pure innocence of high school. The bantering that only we can understand while others may find offensive. The language that we spoke that is exclusive of our group. The old names were called again. We even had Adik reincarnated. (Thanks for being the official chauffer at the departure area for arriving passengers. )

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