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January 30, 2011

I follow both Charice and Ogie Diaz on Twitter just for the fun of it. Ogie's tweets are usually nonsense but funny. I'm not a fan of Charice but still I follow her just for fun. Well, they were recently in the news because of Ogie's comments on Charice's red geek glasses. He apologized for his comments. Blah blah blah.

My take on this issue. Well, Ogie if you're gonna apologize to Charice might as well apologize to everyone whom you've hurt in your columns. Besides, I agree the geek red glasses are awful. Para kang anak nung Black Eyed Peas member.

Charice and Chasters. Take it as constructive criticism.

Piolo & KC. Bagay kayo. :) KC ok lang kahit totoo mang bading yan.. hehe.. :D

Toni was talking about a new noon time show that ABS is cooking up. I was just thinking Randy and John's too boring. Besides they already failed last time. Mariel is damn irritating. How bout get Anne and Angelica with Toni. All 3 ladies are extremely good and talented. For the boys, how bout John Lloyd, Vhong and uh... I'm still thinking. For the laughs, Vice and the guys of Showtime seems like a good idea.

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