Sharon's Issues

As a fan, it's really hard for me to see Sharon Cuneta self-destruct. I try to ignore and understand. Maybe she's just going through the hard and rough phase of menopause? If not, then why these issues?

Seriously. For years. She's projected herself to be responsible, intelligent, articulate, classy and respected.

But the issue with Cristine Reyes? Away bata yun. Wag patulan. Issue with Aga? Naman. If he says you're fat then diet. Exercise. Away mag kaibigan wag inational issue. Issue with Hayden? Tao ba yun? Baboy yun. Cheap cheap cheap. He doesn't warrant attention. Do not let him use you.

Know your fights. Fight the fights worth fighting for. Live up to your level.

Seriously Sharon. I love you. If you could just shut up. Mature gracefully. Be the Sharon that we all know and love. Please?

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