Agar Agar with Ginko Nuts

February 26, 2011

To be honest I wanted to make White fungus with Ginko Nuts but I bought the wrong ingredient. I thought that the Agar Agar strips were White fungus. Dumb huh? Hehe.. it's one of those Mr Bean moments in life. :D

Anyway, here's how I made it. I boiled water with the agar agar strips. Then put loads of sugar then added drops of pandan flavoring. Added the ginko nuts and boiled again. I moved it to a mold and let it cool.

And hey.. it was ok.. It wasn't what I expected but I was kinda ok with it because it was nice.

And here's another major booboo... I washed the pan directly on the sink without throwing the few remaining water drops to the thrash. The ending? Our sink got congested and clogged. Eww. My hubby was definitely not happy with me. Haha. Eniwey.. major major lesson learned: Throw remaining water in the thrash. Throw the first wash on the thrash.

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