February 16, 2011
Valentines was a busy day for all restaurants as expected so we ended up going to the least crowded place at RWS Sentosa. Logic tells me, "No queue not good food". But it's Valentines so we wanted to have a good dinner outside. So what the heck, we tried Mulligan's.

Menu. Uhhh. Not much choices. Probably because this is meant to be a bar rather than a restaurant. So don't expect a lot of variety.

So here's our picks:

Ribeye Steak. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't good either. It was neither there nor here kinda dish.

Pork Ribs. Now this was terrible. It tasted like pork with catsup. And the pork wasn't even fresh. Maanggo. What is that in English? I'm not entirely sure. Something like.. tasted so porky? Yeah I know it's pig. But you don't have to shout that it's pig right? Disgusting. Totally.

We topped up $8 for free flow drink and soup of the day. The soup was a very watery and sour tomato soup. It wasn't Minestrone so I wasn't sure what it was. What I was sure was that it was disgusting.

Total Bill for 2? $72. Gezzz. EXPENSIVE. And I didn't even like the meal.

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