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February 28, 2011

Pix Credit: Glamourpuss

At least today didn't start with a call from our offshore support. But the week still doesn't look promising esp that I'm not feeling well. And the days ahead will only make it worst. Geez, hopefully I make it this week despite the pain and discomfort.

On the lighter side, like probably a good % of girls in Singapore, I'm wearing my new Coach. Which I had to queue up for almost 2 hours at the sale in Suntec yesterday. Wow the queue yesterday was LOOOOONG. Either people here really loves sale or they just have so much money to spend on such lavish items considering that these bag sales are becoming regular. Dang, for me I spent months before deciding to buy one. But the girls just kept grabbing bags. Gah, good to be rich. And wish to be that rich.

Well, my girl buddy and my hubby both didn't come with me. Maybe coz they don't believe I'd buy any. Haha. Well, today I bought one all for the wrong reasons:
- to redeem myself from that reputation
- to make the 2 hours queuing worth something, to not waste it
- to buy one because all my girlfriends in singapore have one already except for me
- to buy one because I'm stressed and I want to relax

I'm crazy huh? Worst it didn't relax me. I got more stress haha. Deciding and telling myself buy/don't buy. Finally stress that I bought one. And then still a side of me is saying stupid you didn't even like it. Haha. Dang.

I wasn't crazy about the designs but I do think they are pretty when I see girls wearing 'em. But choosing and picking one for myself is such a tough decision. I wanted the plain black one but all my friends are saying all my bags are black already. So now another stress. I had to buy one but I had to buy not the one I like but the one that is right. Stress was more like it for that shopping experience.

And here I am. Late. On my way to office. Wearing all black. And this little brown bag. Urg. It just doesn't fit. And I'm changing bags tomorrow because:
- really it doesn't fit my all black daily work clothes
- it's too heavy!
- the leather smells weird

And? Expensive stuff must not be overused. They are meant to be ogled on and not for use.

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